Molalla Hive is a community-driven shared workspace. We offer desk rentals, a conference room, and a large meeting room.

MOLALLA HIVE is located on E Main street in Molalla, Oregon. It’s mission is to serve as a shared work space – where you can come to work in peace or come in the spirit of collaboration. We value creativity, collaboration, connection, and community. And, modeling the denizens of a hive, we value industriousness! 

We believe at Molalla Hive, especially in light of recent events, that a place to visit outside of the home – a Hive Away From Home – is the perfect way to find a fantastic atmosphere to do good work, meet new folks – not quite so easy to get distracted at home but not quite so rigid a design as the traditional offices.

Molalla Hive encourages established businesses as well as start-up entrepreneurs. While we’re still new, Molalla Hive is building a curriculum of classes with local business people, the Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), and other amazing organizations to create a fostering and fluorishing environment.


Welcome to Molalla is a non-profit focusing on local business education and interaction between the City of Molalla and local businesses. Welcome to Molalla is a Worker Bee at Molalla Hive.


Molalla Hive has a close relationship with our Community, providing a meeting spot for the Economic Development Committee and the 2030 Visioning Plan and a gathering/social spot for casual get-togethers between the City and Citizenry.


The Bulletin is a monthly community paper for Molalla and the Molalla area. Find an issue at a number of spots, including Molalla Hive! Find local news, articles about local history, business spotlights and much more.

Molalla Hive LLC

217 E Main Street

Molalla OR 97038