Desk Prices

the worker bees

Your very own standing/sitting desk with locking cabinet for files, etc.
24/7 access. Free WiFi, Free Coffee/Tea/Water, 500 B&W pages/month, 6-hours/month small conference room, 2-hours/month large meeting room. Advertising on two local websites and inclusion in our local Facebook marketing.


the Bumble bee

5 days/week during business hours (7 am – 6 pm). Desks on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. Free WiFi, Free Coffee/Tea/Water, 500 B&W pages/month, 4-hours small conference room, 2-hours large meeting room. Access to our software package. Advertising on two local websites.


the beeginner

Small desk for the day (7 am – 6 pm). Free WiFi, Free Coffee/Water/Tea, 25 B&W copies.

$25 / day


Access to a computer with internet access.

$5 / hour

Conference and Meeting Rooms

Small conference room

Whiteboard, 32″ monitor, Coffee/Tea/Water, WiFi Access.
Up to 7 people.

$20 / hour
$100 / day

Large meeting room

Large meeting room, rolling whiteboard, projector and screen, large-screen TV with BluRay player.

$40 / hour
$200 / day (7 am – 6 pm)

What Else Do We Want You To Know?

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